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Boy Scouts of America founded.

$1 = $11 in today's (2013) dollars

A worker at Ford made approximately .27 cents per hour--- considerably better paid than most people. But there were numerous conditions placed upon the top wage earners at Ford by Henry, with his puritanical crusading mores in order to achieve the highest wages.

More than 95% births were at home.

90% of doctors had no university education.

Anecdotally, on average women washed their hair about once monthly. But this should hardly be surprising, all things considered.

Egg yolks were recommended as shampoo; borax was commonly used. (the american obsession and repulsion with natural body odor had not yet taken hold.)

The US flag had 46 stars, Oklahoma having joined the Union in 1907.

The first model T Ford was produced in 1908. It'd be a bit before it began to look long in the tooth.

President W. H. Taft became first president to throw out opening ball at a professional baseball game, 14 April.

...and while we're about it… some more base ball news of the time...

in major league baseball there were 16 teams in two leagues…

Philadelphia Athletics
NY Highlanders
Detroit Tigers
Boston Red Sox
Cleveland Naps
Chicago White Sox
Washington Senators
St Louis Browns

Chicago Cubs
NY Giants
Pittsburg Pirates*
Philadelphia Phillies
Cincinnati Reds
Brooklyn Superbas
St Louis Cardinals
Boston Doves

*(yes, that's how Pittsburgh was generally spelled at the time.)

10 home runs led the majors that year, managed by three players-- Jake Stahl Boston Red Sox; Fred Beck Boston Braves and Frank Schulte Chicago Cubs.

15% of homes had electricity.

There was no income tax in the USA. We had to wait three more years for the 16th amendment and that blessing.

The average life expectancy was 48 yrs for men and 52 for women.

Motor vehicle fuel (gasoline) was still sold in drug stores… 'filling stations' were becoming more prevalent.
Electric automobiles seemed to have the upper hand and amazingly current electricity-powered automobiles are currently maintaining the technology and efficiency of 1910.

Few homes had a bath tub. 66% of rural homes still did not have indoor plumbing until the late 1930s.

Nearly a quarter homes had a telephone.

My favorite teacher would tell us tales of his youth in the early days of the century. He often told us of scepticism of reports of an automobile that could be started from the driver's seat and how they spent half a morning's walk to town to see this (or not) in person. That would have been at the earliest 1911 with the invention of the Kettering Self-Starter in 1911. So in 1910 people were still cranking the engine to life (and risking broken wrists and arms) crouched in front of their 'Brass Age Vehicles.'

The Lincoln Penny was still a novelty, having been first minted on the anniversary of Lincoln's birth in 1909.

Things available over-the-counter… marijuana; heroin and morphine.

Population of the county that includes Las Vegas, Nevada was 945.

9% of Americans had graduated high school.

There were lobbying efforts afoot for a 12 hour day… six days a week. Ford was ahead of this particular item, running plants at nine hour work-shifts.

Over 50% of New York City's population was non-USA born. One employment agency there was placing 100,00 workers weekly.

There were more Civil War Veterans alive than there are WWII vets today.

The middle class was significantly smaller as a 'slice of the pie' than it is today. 12% of the population had 'domestic help.'

a very brief look into the near-term future…

In three years the Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was horrified to learn, upon taking office that white government employees worked side-by-side with black colleagues and ordered cloth barriers hung to separate the races.

The Panama Canal would be opened in four years.

In seven years the US would enter WWI.

In ten years the US would enter prohibition.

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