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June 2010
is the last time we've had kittens in our neighborhood!
I currently care for 7 cats in two different groups.

I 'trap-neuter-return' feral cats I find. To date I have neutered 32 ferals and found homes for 23.

I receive no assistance for this and it is completely 'out of pocket.'

Of the feral cats in the two local colonies all are neutered.

I am able to get very close to these cats, even the most wary. I have gained their trust through a great deal of time and effort. A few of these feral cats allow me to touch and handle them. It is heart-breaking to realize that in the final analysis even feral cats crave human contact.

Feral cats will 'fill in' an area based upon local resources. It is senseless to simply 'remove' feral cats as others will move in. We adhere to a program of 'trap-neuter-return'. Feral cats are trapped, neutered and returned to their area. When being neutered feral cats have an ear 'tipped' to identify them as neutered and they are tested for disease and given rabies and other basic vaccinations.

These 'returned' feral cats are therefore healthy and sterile and dissuade other ferals from moving in.

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