/water witch
oil on panel. 24" x 24"

three month's work.

the fire dept colors were and are white with green trim. i shall follow covention and switch to Red unless i am inundated with purist protests. but, hey! it's MY vision!

this is one image of how i would like to present to people of one of my favorite places on earth, Port Deposit Maryland. of course i've condensed and stylized. it's what i do!

My aunt Ella was famously known as 'Port' being her town! while i do not know exactly that she was the first licensed female driver in Cecil (sessil) county she was one of the first and i have interviewed many with remembrances of her driving maniacally down into town. it is a marvelous place and one of the first recognized Industrial Towns in the United States of America.

Port Deposit was featured in Ripley's 'Believe it or Not!' multiple times as the Town that Cannot Grow!

loading as many vignettes and clues that i think the eye and mind can process.

Ella married into the Tomes. wonder where the money went

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