i combine a few different things and memories/interests w this one.

i am crazy about things from the 1920s. the prohibition era is fascinating to me. i should put up some of my favorite reading material of that era.

i'm nuts about studebaker automobiles. the one pictured is a 1925 straight six albeit i've put after-market wheels on it.

hector has a thompson submachine gun-- a fav amongst 1920s gangsters.

achilles is (properly) holding browning pistols.

hence the title.

the other part is that here they've become active in the bootleg trade... something of which i have in my familial past.

philadelphia and its environs was a hotbed of prohibitory activity and consequently illegal alcohol enterprise.

(interestingly enough some of this nonsense still exists today in penna and they are currently arguing about turning the industry over to free enterprise and outside state control. amazing. of course the public sector unions are fighting this tooth and fang. unions-- our current day version of sanctified organized crime.)

at any rate. my grandfather lived in chester, pa. a city on the outskirts of philly. he told me tales of some of his activities 'back in the day.'

he was quite the entrepeneur. he'd walk the streets of chester with a whiskey keg on his shoulder selling shots.

he put together enough money to buy into real estate in south florida after it crashed and later raked in a bundle.

i've also done this in a manner i sometimes return to. i love the silent movies and the old black and white ones just a wee bit less.

i like to make a B/W background and then selectively put in elements of color. it's kinda like a bit of reality (from wherever i might grab it) posing inside an old film.

i'll write more on this later... perhaps here. perhaps elsewhere.

oh. the first person who correctly identifies in full, the fragmentary, partially-obscured text in the background gets a tee shirt of their choice.

we have a winner! ann h. correctly identified 'Bioscoop' and shall shortly have her prize.

/avec Mssrs Browning, Thompson et Studebaker, ou Canadian Club
11 x 9.5"
oil on panel. complete.

private collection Maryland USA.

photo:Bob Bowden
tune alt tune