my, did i hate music lessons as a kid.

they were tortuous!

i liked music. i just wanted nothing to do w playing it.

first they stuck me w a saxophone. (i wanted to learn violin.)

i remember getting the stupid thing and with zero introduction to the what and wherefore being sat down in a room and expected to make sound come out of it.

and then to take the thing home and 'practise'.

practise what? i dunno what i'm supposed to do w it.

i tolerated it for a while and unceremoniously dropped it off at the principal's ofc and said 'i quit this.'

my mum was not so pleased and said 'that's $12 we could have just thrown away.'

having learned nothing they put me in front of a piano. i was expected to 'practise' on THAT damned thing 30 minutes each day.

30 minutes to a kid is akin to a Life Sentence.

don't do this to yours if they are not interested.

eventually they relented and i was released from the pain.

now, don't get me wrong. i love music. it's just not in my nature to MAKE it.

so i was having these non-stop images of hector and achilles dancing about and jazzing it up.

(i'd been listening to a lot of jazz from the 1920s so that is hardly surprising that i'd plug them into it.)

so here we have the guys in what i was seeing.

i know that i am behind on a few 'stories' that flesh things out fictionally with them but i just thought i'd throw some of this nonsense out there.

this one is also off to the photographer and we'll be having it avail as a tee shortly.

photo: Bob Bowden
11 x 9.5"
oil on panel. complete.

this one has been pestering me every time i've tried to catch a nap for the past week or so.

the thing just won't leave me alone so i started it two days ago and this is a basic idea of it.

i'm trying to get some daytime sleep and these cats are in my head jumping about and cavorting, just having a great time regardless of how sleepy i was when i made my way to the Blue Chair.

perhaps they'll let me have a nap tomorrow.

i'm further along as usual than my patented crappy photo shows.

i did this with my opposite hand as a test to see where this stuff manifests itself and how it comes out. it's not the hands.

left hand seems to do as well as the right. (i know. i know. keep that to yrself please. allow me my delusions.)

last night i had a rather lengthy dream visit from John Wayne. what's up w that i wonder.