Hector and Achilles Meet Hitler

one fine day the boys were skulking around near the limit of their territory and something caused them to meander off distractedly through the wastelands bordering.

cats are like that.

gradually the both of them wandered mentally back in focus and realized they were in a place where the scenery was changing.

it wasn't better or worse than what they were accustomed to, just different. and since they are a couple of pretty confident fellows they thought they'd just take a look about and see what was to see.

after a considerable time they began to hear something. it was weird. there was something like barking but not barking like a dog would bark. and a shrill screaming. barking and screaming. and a scurrying. it's difficult to describe how a scurrying sounds but this was definitely a scurrying. with unmistakable hithering and yonning dumped on top.

cats hear really well. i'd say infinitely better than i can.

so they trekked toward the sound. kinda like marching to the sound of the guns and nearly as interesting.

'i don't much like the screaming' Hector said.

'nor the barking. unpleasant-pleasant. but i can imagine it might be interesting. strange, though but the scurrying makes me vaguely hungry...' Achilles added.

'…and restive.' (the boys have a way of finishing one another's thoughts out loud.)

on they walked and louder things got. soon they knew they were nearly atop things and a bit of circumspection might be in order. even for them.

slipping into stalk mode they went forward, toward.

and then right in front of them they saw something they could certainly describe but not explain.

there was a young fellow, oddly dressed standing on a wooden box. he was the Barking Screamer. 'that puts paid to that! whispered Achilles.' 'what's he doing? why's he doing it?'

all around the Barking Screamer chickens were racing about crazed and crazy looking. 'i'm getting shivvers all up and down my back, Hector!'

'me too!'

so they just watched and watched with occasionally a nearly imperceptible quiver of the chin and a soft chirping.

the young fellow on the box was visibly annoyed as best they could tell. the chickens seemed to be the source of great irritation to him. but it was really difficult to be certain.

flailing his arms about in the air he looked like he was trying to get them to do something or not do something. it was really difficult to tell like i mentioned before.

it didn't take a very long time before Hector said to Achilles 'i am certain that young fellow has some problems.'

'i bet he escaped from a home' Achilles replied. 'do you think if we returned him they'd let us keep the chickens?'

/(Running Around Like) Hitler's Chickens
crappy photo:me
10 x 9
oil on panel. compl

i don't think this will wind up being 'too dark.' but just me.

eh... the color on this isn't quite right. i tried scanning it as opposed to using a photo. i'll correct that as i can. but you can see at least the thing in its finalization, (click it for a larger image)

nice soundtrack...