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images by Casa Design
right... this diverges from Hector and Achilles and goes back to an earlier series of pieces i did on Hergé's Tintin.

i'm posting them here since they are part of this year's work.

i have a spiral staircase in my home. for some mysterious reason my cats once upstairs seem to forget ten thousand years of domestication. they get truly bizarre and their basic motivation seems to be 'destroy everything.'

so several years ago i made a room divider / screen based upon the first version of Le Lotus Bleu by Hergé. it worked perfectly and kept the cats from the upstairs. then one day 'someone' whilst cleaning pushed a chair up next the screen and shortly thereupon a cat was on the chair and then, gauging the distance, was up and over the screen and upstairs for interrupted and now resumed Destruction. and even once the chair was removed they remembered that it could be done, hence it was and over the top and on with things was the rule rather than the exception.


so, i cut some smaller panels to extend the top of the screen and this worked perfectly. but i didn't want plain old panels atop the thing (and given my predllection to paint all flat surfaces i come across) i pulled some scenes from the orginal story and made eight separate paintings with one of my slight twists.

sometimes i'll take a black and white image and insert some color elements to it. so that's what i've done here.

the first version of the story for those who don't know... was black and white. that is an interesting bit about Hergé. he'd revise his books and update them periodically. the first several stories were done in black and white and subsequentially redone. so, there you have it, then.