Hector & Achilles
lunch at 't gouden poesje
photo: Bob Bowden
8.5" x 12"
oil on panel-- complete

new character, new painting. hello to Piet... waiter at "The Golden Kitty".

expect some new characters as soon as i can take them from sketch to colour...

Achilles and Hector at the Golden Kitty for lunch... 'zou u een verse muis met uw soep houden?"

"ik zou graag..."

("fresh mouse in your soup?...")

this came to me on one of the few times that i was able to bring myself to eat out... the waiter asked 'ground pepper on yr salad?'

[so far this year less than 1% of all meals have either been 'out' or take out. i seemingly count everything.]

coming along nicely on this one. i should have it complete in about a week. i've gotten far enough along that a 'hint' is no longer necessary i am thinking.

i had 'Piet' kinda in mind as a character for a bit. was thinking of my sister and the image of a spanish waiter popped to mind. of course, i'm not going to have time to paint anything spanish so he had to emigrate northward.

print available!