Hector & Achilles
mieke maakt een ontdekking!
photo: Bob Bowden
(Mieke Makes a Discovery!)
8.5" x 12"
oil on panel-- complete.

new character, new painting. hello to Mieke.

Mieke, bicycling furiously home completely unawares, her thoughts centered on passing the cottage of rumour suddenly hits a contrary rut.

the front wheel comes flat across but the bicycle doesn't stop and upends everything.

the cobbler apples fly asunder and Mieke goes over the handlebars.

for a brief moment she thinks ahead and can see in her mind the sudden thud, bone-crunch and her ripping, bloody grinding slide down the lane.

but it doesn't happen.

she slides along in the air as if she's born to it and realizes that with the slightest movement of her hands and feet she can steer herself in a suddenly new environment.

"i'm FLYING! as in my dreams!"