Hector & Achilles
time for the William Tell Routine
photo: Bob Bowden
14" x 10"
oil on panel--
private collection, Delaware

the boys got themselves a dog, Hunter.

one lazy afternoon Hector noticed some pretty apples on the table and feeling like going out for a bit says 'c'mon Hunter! grab a first aid kit and a shovel. we're going to do a bit of shooting.'

Achilles not needing to be convinced-- is always up for anything. even not knowing what anything is and he's first out the door.

so the fun began. the boys don't prove to be the best of shots. they shoulda paid better attention in school i am thinking.

poor Hunter! armed for any eventuality, sits petrified and silently pleads they don't shoot him. and, with at least some reassurance, thinks 'at least they didn't name me Sebastien'.