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crappy photo: me
oil on panel. 12" x 12"

as usual all stuff ©

this is an image of the paradigm of my core beliefs.

i am not usually willing to ‘explain’ things. my preference is the viewer takes away personal interpretations.

but since this image i so basic, simple and erroneous i shall here put some words to things.

i have a core belief that what we are ‘living’ is actually a computer simulation. it may be one of an infinite number or it may be a hybrid of an infinite number interspersed or ‘running’ simultaneously.

in other words all we know and see and experience is actually a computer program.

i think that in all likelihood there are an infinite number of these programs running concurrently.

what is it to think that these routines might not more often than not coincide, collide and commingle?

if our ‘reality’ is running on a network why shan’t this be possible?

hence, i’ve take a ‘creation’ of my own and mixed it with an image deeply imbedded in my own perception.

i do not believe that i can create anything but that whatever i do is merely inevitable from lines of code.

it is also quite probable that we experience boundaries or pixelation of our coding during normal ‘human’ experiences. at this point i believe these pixelated boundaries that restrict and confine our ‘experience’ are primarily boundaried through emotional reaction. if we exceed certain limitations we have exceeded our code and are limited in such “concepts” such as so-called ‘free will’.

yes, it may appear that calvinism may be prescient in such descriptions. i can neither accept nor reject calvinist positions.

too many words. my apologies