previously i've been keeping track of things on if it's remotely interesting you can look that silliness up here.
/sketches of different types
posting some 'working' sketches that take me to the final image and a bit of random blathering.

sometimes i get rather involved in drawing everything out and sometimes it just requires a few dashes on an index card.



10. nov

Armistice Day is upon us.

yes. it's now called different things but to me it will always be Armistice Day. that's what i grew up with.

in canada, they say 'Remembrance Day.'

at one point whilst living in belgium a group of us spent a few days during this time-frame visiting as many of the cemeteries as we could find. it was a moving experience.

we left, in lieu of flowers, scot's whiskey. while flowers are nice i've never known a soldier who'd prefer flowers over a proper dram.

heroes all. never forgotten.


on the mundane side of things i've nearly finished the first of three planned xmas paintings for this season. while i loathe the cutesy stuff i'm thinking i'm going to manage to put enough of the not-cute amongst it to make it non-gagging.

but. there IS a buying public out there i must take more care to attend to. that's the point basically, isn't it??

27. oct

lou reed is dead.

the album 'the velvet underground and nico' is often cited as one of The Seminal Albums of rock 'n roll yet hardly anyone bought it.

i was one of the few.

the original album cover (designed by andy warhol) had a banana on the cover with a banana sticker covering the banana.

i always kept my albums in the cellophane. i played them once and recorded them onto 10" reels and put them away.

imagine my panic one day when i came home and a girl-friend had removed all the cellophane and had also pulled the banana sticker off (revealing a, duh, banana)!

certainly felt homicidal at that point and Once Again… EXPLAINED things.

at any rate… i remember still the first time i heard the vu. was riding around w tyrone in his VW… smoking some things and doing what we did and ty said 'i've got some new junkie music'. he queued up 'heroin.'

and to paraphrase lou… my life was saved by rock 'n roll.

there were some very excellent vu albums. well. they were all great.

when lou went out on his own he was a steady up and down for me. some of his work i loved and other bits were 'ehh.'

he was one of those artists that didn't seem to have a straight trajectory. it was more of a scattershot.

that's ok. he hit for me more than he missed.

'berlin' was a smash for me w it's literary imagery. the baby crying bit was really annoying for me though.

i like how amanda palmer references his work with things like … 'it's still cold in alaska…'

melora creager also hits it for me w her 'all tomorrow's parties'.

lou seemed to try to be commercial w some work. but, hey, lou. you were lou reed. you weren't going to pass w that stuff.

the 'songs for drella' was an amazing work. the bitchy side of lou is apparent, but the overall effect of the album is enlightening, revelatory and delightful. there are some great songs in there.

i remember a really foul concert in mannheim germany he did in the 70s.

it was awful. the setting was nice-- the opera house in mannheim.

he came out w his band and he was wearing a cowboy hat. i HATE cowboy hats but i could overlook it, i guess.

early in the show i noticed that someone had thrown something onto the stage. couldn't tell why or what it was i just saw something fly and bounce near one of the musicians.

the musician who'd seen it went over to lou and told him and he just freaked out.

he made everyone stop playing and said 'turn up the house lights!'

of course it was a german crew backstage and they'd no idea what he was saying.

i started booing and the germans around me, also not having a clue what he was saying, started shushing me.

well, the houselights didn't go up and lou said 'i said turn up the motherfucking house lights!!! i want to see the people who aren't my friends.'

eventually the house lights came up and they proceed to play a really listless and uninspired show.

at one break lou (w the house lights still blazing) walked out to the edge of the stage and screamed 'what the fuck is wrong w you people?'

the audience was certainly disappointed w what was being presented, to say the least. it was meandering and pedestrian. certainly not great and something less than average.

at the end of one song people began chanting the titles of some of his signature songs… it was varied and spirited. lou walked out to the edge of the stage again and said 'do i look like the kind of person who does fucking requests?'

oh, it was downhill from that point. if it could have been more downhill.

it was a dull and boring show. at the end lou and the band walked off and instead of cheering and applause and noise to bring them back out for another couple songs as is usual, the audience stood up and walked out.

i read in the papers that he had a similar bad show in hamburg and the next week it was reported that he'd punched david bowie (an adoring fan, interestingly) in the face at a dinner.

all i can think of is that this was definitely in a phase of serious drug use.

i don't mean to say this as spite… but just to say that genius is often accompanied w demons.

i still frequently listen to his music and find it to remain fresh, vibrant and emotive.

i can take a few smooths w a rough, lou. at 71 it was too soon and to my way of thinking you'll be forever young. our world now is greyer and duller.

24. oct

have been getting some decent hours in at the easel as of late. feels good to get back on track after a summer spent away from productive work.

have had some imagery in my head that i run over and over and in and out. it just stays there and manifests itself in a variety of forms and conditions.

during my life as a soldier i spent time at a location that had been established during world war I. at this location they manufactured and tested all sorts of nasty chemicals, world war I being a popular event for devising all sorts of new and nasty ways of incapacitating and killing.

there was this section inside a secured area that i used to routinely travel through. it was miles and miles of buildings long abandoned. there was street after street of buildings, some one story and others two story. some looked as if they'd been barracks and others like warehouses or factories.

the absolutely fascinating thing about this town-sized place was that over the years the buildings, ALL of them, had entered a state of advanced decomposition.

it was decomposition the likes of which i'd never seen before.

ordinarily you'd expect wooden buildings to eventually fall down and become heaps of rot. this hadn't happened.

all the buildings were standing. the decomposition was in that it appeared as if the wood had just started to evaporate, leaving complete buildings appearing as if they'd been made of wooden lace.

it was fascinating. miles and miles of this stuff. it looked like you could just walk up to one and push a complete building over with a slight push or grab hold and pull out a complete wall and walk away with a section. they seemed to be paper-thin.

of course it came to mind that there might have been something to do with the chemical history of the place.

there were other places at this location where you'd be walking through a swampy wooded area and you'd see 50 gallon drums popping up out of the muck and stuff would be oozing forth from them. but that's a different story.

i think i will be working in some of this in some up-coming pieces.

4. oct

ah… a summer word drought!

was rather busy w a bunch of stuff though.

did a lot of marketing/promotion and very little painting. had a lot of things printed.

also had a lot of ideas that i took notes and made some sketches for.

now it's time to get things back in order and start putting some paintings together.

i had one that came to mind while i was driving not so long ago. i always have a few index cards and a pen in my pocket so at traffic stops i did some quick slashing w the pen while keeping out an eye for the lights to change. that's what you can see to the left.

originally i was thinking they'd be running by andy warhol's home. (there's a brillo box that was to be on the sidewalk as the clue but i went in another direction. obviously.)

there's a link in there to take you to the piece that's underway. (click the image).

the summer here was interesting. when it was hot it was very hot and required a great deal of refrigerating the house (i HATE hot weather.)

and it seemed to have a very sufficient and evenly spaced amount of rain. i understand the farmers in the area are ecstatic. i think i saw something about record crops.

even though this is a resort area it still remains primarily agricultural inland. in days past this area used to be philadelphia's garden. now the exports go everywhere.

interestingly enough during the summer you are very apt to hear various slavic languages being spoken since our 'summer hires' tend to come exclusively from europe seeing as how the youth of today don't take summer employment.

am looking forward to a long, cool, wet, dark autumn and lots of time at the easel getting things ready for the spring and summer exhibitions and shows of next year.

thanks for looking in!

19. june


drove out to indiana to check out a studebaker automobile i was interested in with hopes of purchasing it. sorry to say the car wasn't exactly what i had in mind and had to give it a miss.

it's a nice example of its type but would require more work than i want to put into something i want as a driver at this point. i have enough 'project' cars and i want something turnkey.

indiana was interesting. i've been there a couple of times previously.

i saw a round barn.

i also experienced for the first time the old american grid system. i've read about out but have never seen it.

back in day in new territories in the west they used to grid things out in one mile grids. as a result, roads that follow the grid run straight as an arrow for miles and miles. it's interesting until you come up behind someone that doesn't drive over 30mph and there's no way to get around them.

also saw a lot of manufactured ponds. i don't think i saw a single swimming pool but i did see a lot of these ponds.

most of them were square or rectangular with little alcove thingys. nearly all of them had sliding boards and floating platforms out in them.

i saw one that a kind of tower thing in the center that had multiple dive/jumping platforms on it at different levels. being a kid w something like that in the backyard would be wonderful! but i'm wondering if it's enough to get them 'unplugged' for any considerable amt of time since i saw all these wonderful swimming places and none of them had any kids in them.

otherwise… i have some prints ready to pick up and more to submit.

summer is nearly officially upon us.

one of my favorite days of the year was the beginning of summer when i lived in germany. on that evening all over the highest points on the mountains people would erect bonfires. when it got really dark the skyline was punctuated by all these wonderful points of light that one could easily imagine stretch back into our un-recorded past.

one year we went w a delightful friend… martina röhm (for googlizing purposes!) to a derelict castle on one of these mountain tops for a hippy-trippy party night. very fun!

i've seemingly been terribly busy as of late but nothing w pencils or brushes. i'll just continue to charge off in the direction that beckons.

7. june

june. i've always been partial to this month, the increasing light and heat notwithstanding. guess it had something to do w being released from the torture of school as a child.

school for me was Misery. what a colossal waste of time that was. it taught me to read and to type. beyond that- Zero.

i even had a teacher in high school take me out in the hall wanting to know what i was doing in her class. 'you know more about this subject than i do. why are you in my class?'

maybe because she was hot and had great legs.

ah. i'm trying to purchase a studebaker. hope it comes off.

also have info back for a rebuild of a studebaker engine for a 1948 truck i have in my garage.

i called this guy- the Premier studebaker engine restorer on the east coast a few years ago. he was a bit of the stereotypical new england yankee curmudgeon. periodically i'd ring him up to see when he could do my engine and he in as few cross words as possible told me i was on the list and he'd get to me when he got to me.

well. recently i've become impatient, rather wanting to have this project moving along at least before i reach my termination date. so i attempted to contact him and he's either shut things down and trundled off to florida or he's joined the Choir Invisible.

so. moving along i've located a shop in philly that can do the work. philly it is then.

i recently met an interesting couple. i had some of my work on display and they took a look and he, being an avid golfer, wondered if i could do something including golf w Hector and Achilles in a 1920-ish manner. 'course i can. it sounds like a nice project. i like it when clients and potential clients provide a flash of inspiration. he even mentioned Bobby Jones. aren't many people out there i would suppose who'd have that name at their command. just a guess. perhaps it's more common than i would think w the avid golfing set.

a print for delivery is ready to be picked up at the Rehoboth Art and Framing shop i use. Toby and Amy are great. they take care of me and have adapted exceptionally to my rough edges and accommodate above and beyond. thanks, guys-- you are wonderful

beginning a giclee print project that will include 40 prints. the first eight are at CasaDesign Printing. same same for Kathleen as for Amy and Toby.

breaking news-- seems as if i might just be driving a 'new' studebaker! i have to go look at it, but it sounds like it's going to happen and i'll be driving out to indiana w trailer and a pocket full of money to get it.


3. jun

have been consumed w domestic duties 'round here as of late.

i've gotten into a manic phase to tidy, straighten and organize. and to chuck crap out.

guess i'm kind of a 'bipolar' hoarder. periodically i get disgusted w things and go through them and if i haven't 'needed' them in a year or so, out it goes.

it's not really that i HOARD, i just get distracted and leave things in odd places or store them for periodic ritual muck-outs.

i hate mail and newspapers and periodicals. hate 'em.

but i also have this mania to shred anything that has my name and address on it so i dump that junk into a bin and every so often i crank up the shredder.

have been trying to organize my garage a bit. wifey has a collection of gallon paint cans stretching back to the days when we moved to the us. i think in the past couple weeks i've gotten rid of about 40 of those. took an inventory today and i've got 21 gallon things left.

seriously. you paint a wall and you never re-paint it the same color. get rid of it!

i have a 1948 studebaker pickup in my garage that's been pretty much covered over w crap. i'm trying to free it from the 'glacier' in which it's seemingly become encased in.

i bought the thing to restore it and get it back on the road in 1948 condition. having gone through similar things before i have learnt that the place to begin is the mechanical. i found the Premier Studebaker Engine Rebuilder here on the east coast and he was one of those types that needs handling w delicacy.

curt. annoyed. 'yeah, y're on the list' kinda guy.

after waiting years for him to get to me and worrying that ringing him up would piss him off i got frustrated and decided to sell the truck off piece by piece (parting out). (it's REALLY complete and in great shape.)

but after a few weeks i re-considered and decided that i'll get that thing on the road at least as a final snubbing of the nose before i Check Out.

took a meandering search of things and i'm thinking this curmudgeon has done the Norwegian Blue.

so i started a secondary, determined search and it appears i've got something lined up to start proceeding.

(sorry for you all you non-gearheads out there.)

so-- i'm going to move apace on this and hoping i can get it on the road in a reasonable amt of time.

i've opened up an etsy shop. you can find it here

i'm taking a bunch of prints to my favorite framing shop… Rehoboth Art and Framing. it's tourist season and i hope to expand the number of my collectors and perhaps make a few dinari in the process.

a new grocery opened up here recently of which i'm excited about. (that's probably ultra weird.)

it is a middle eastern grocery w stuff that i generally have to drive to Dover to get. hope they survive. i know i'll frequent them. for all the locals peeking in.. it's the the Jerusalem Grocery on coastal hwy right near Jimmy Lynn's seafood.

give 'em a look and perhaps expand yr diet and learn some new flavors.

oh. i was in european art magazines two month's in a row! that's pretty cool i am thinking!

kiss kiss

7. may

an Army Story.

at one point i commanded a US Army company in germany. to call it a company was a bit strange to me since the thing had 523 soldiers spread over seven locations making it rather close to a battalion.

it was the most screwed up thing you could ever imagine. my immediate superior was a bona-fide lunatic. my best lieutenant was a back-stabbing sadistic martinet with a very high opinion of himself and no redeeming qualities to compensate for his shortcomings.

the unit was full of shirkers, malcontents, criminals and the lowest specimens humanity has to offer.

one evening i dosed off while traveling in my official vehicle and was startled awake as my driver was attempting to pass over into East Germany.

but i digress. but only slightly.

this is a brief story about one person from that maelstrom of corruption and misery pertaining to one Eugene Dubbs.

dubbs was a lower-ranking soldier, a private first class. which means he was two grades above nothing. yet it seemed at the time he was far more than three ticks above zero in my worries and anxieties.

dubbs was one of those people i guess you'd have to classify as an idiot savant. for all intents and purposes he was apparently not only illiterate but marginally aware he was human.

he worked in a section of the company that was responsible for a bezillion parts and pieces-- a supply platoon for maintenance. in the army every bit and piece has a number which-- i don't remember exactly at this point-- was about 13 digits long. you could ask dubbs where was #blah blah blah and he could tell you in which row, which column, which bin and how many there were.

so, he was useful i guess. but i'll say again as i've said previously to the disdain of the quartermaster types, 'supply is Boring.'.

but in all other respects one could safely say dubbs was a moron. and what was worse he looked like one, and a very sloppy and unsoldierly one at that.

you just didn't want his fat, greasy-looking, sloppy ass in sight if there was anyone of 'significance' in the area.

so, i hope you have a basic grasp on the dubbs creature.


dubbs wouldn't have been such a problem to me if he'd been able to just exist within his particular groove. i didn't care one way or the other. just do your thing and stay out of sight when you need to and we can coexist.

well, that wasn't destined to happen.

dubbs was married. his wife was a constant source of problems for me and i would hope she was for him as well.

a lot of army wives get involved in the community by volunteering for certain things. a great many of the lower-enlisted wives get jobs. dubbs' wife was a self-employed entrepreneur. she ran a one-woman brothel out of their civilian apartment.

for several months i had weekly visits from the polizei registering complaints about her activities. they didn't want any trouble. i didn't want any trouble. they wanted me to deal w this somehow and keep it at least invisible.

[i have to say that this was a Serious Consideration. i've seen the german polizei in action and they don't have a very high tolerance threshold. to this day i am amazed at their restraint and circumspection.]

i guess two of the major problems was that there was generally a queue outside the apartment and secondly she seemed to specialize in a non-german clientele which didn't necessarily demonstrate fully german-acclimated standards of decorum. no more to be said.

i spoke with dubbs several times both alone and w his wife.

i said 'dubbs! y're wife is X X X.' and he'd say, 'i know. but i want to stay together with her to provide a proper home for the child.'

he was always stressing he was doing this for 'the child.'

ok. ok. i guess i can get that.

when i had the two of them together she was obviously in need of some kind of 'help.'

i did have as a possibility something called 'Early Return of Dependents'. this means that if a family member is causing problems in any way you can just ship them out of theater and get rid of the problem, minimizing current problems.

i brought that up to her and she said that i couldn't do that to a german citizen. i was admittedly taken aback. i didn't know she was german. and i told her that.

'oh, i'm not german. but if i have to be i will.'

'oh, REALLY? and how are you going to get german citizenship?'

'all you need is a note from your landlord' she says.

and carrying that thought forward she asks 'do you know who my landlord is so i can get a note from him?'

i KNEW i was clearly not dealing with normal things and looked about for a rabbit hole to jump through. honest. i did.

clearly this interview had gone about as far as anyone could hope for and i wished them both a pleasant day whilst thinking some dark and unsettling thoughts.

something like a month later 'round 2:30 am on a sunday morning i got a call. (when y're in the military you just LOVE to hear the phone ring about then.)

seemed as if there was a fire in an apartment building where one of my soldiers lived. pfc dubbs. apartment fire. place gutted, civil disturbance. residents displaced.

'what d'ya want me to do w' 'em, sir? the dubbses.'

'are they ok?'

'well, mrs. dubbs got beat up by the neighbors but she's refusing medical treatment. i guess they're ok enuff.'

[at this point i'd like to insert a sidebar. things are (were?) somewhat different in germany. most hotels close the main door at a decent hour in the evening and people go to bed. if you don't have an outside key you don't get in. things aren't 24/7 (to employ an ugly phrase i dislike) there. and i was damned if i was going to have anyone disturb some decent german for the like of these scum to put them up over what remained of the night.]

i said… 'put up a couple cots in the dayroom for 'em.' [a dayroom is a place in the barracks that generally has some pool tables, televisions, video games and the like for off-duty time. kinda like an enhanced 'living room' for the soldiers.]

what had happened was that the dubbs' apartment had caught fire somehow. mrs. dubbs was 'busy' and she just moved from room to room ahead of the fire. honest! eventually the floor of the apartment above became too hot to stand on and they called the fire brigade. by the time the fire responders and polizei arrived neighbors were physically venting their fury on mrs. dubbs.

but wait. it gets better.

the military holds these periodic things where they open up a gym and have some remote from reality general come in and give a few remarks to soldiers and family and say how much you all mean to us and it's always 'duty first, but people always!' and then they open up the floor for a few questions from the unwashed.

so… something like two days after the fire event they held one of these dumbass things. OF COURSE mrs. dubbs was in attendance. when it came to Q&A mrs. dubbs jumps off her fat ass and asks a question something to the effect of 'why is captain so-and-so (me) making me sleep in his dayroom?'

that's to paraphrase. i wasn't there in person but heard of it (MY did i hear of it!) after the fact. evidently it was nuanced so that within less than a day it was all over the corps that i was holding captive sex slaves.

i, being a mere captain had very little horsepower to respond. my primary and most pressing issue was responding back up the chain of command that things were a wee bit different than presented/perceived. it was at that point that i coined the phrase 'he who lies first is is believed.'

i did begin the legal process of getting mrs. dubbs returned to the USA. it wasn't easy. first of all her husband was not quiescent in the matter. remember 'the child'?

well. i had the same image in mind as you do when speaking of the child. until the day that INTERPOL visited me a couple weeks after the general officer masturbatory session.

it turned out that the 'child' wasn't exactly a child. in fact he was two years older than pfc dubbs. oh. and he was in-country illegally and had a nasty hobby he'd picked up in chicago of armed robbery. he was wanted in france-switzerland-austria and germany.

INTERPOL had definitely located him since he returned to a local pub for dinner a couple days after he'd knocked the place over. they wanted info on where dubbs was currently. i was pleased to help.

shortly after this dust settled i brought dubbs in.

'dubbs? wtf w this 'child' crap?'

'i never said he was my child. he is the child of a woman who saved my life and i told her i'd make sure he had a good environment.'

oh, gawd help me!

-----there's more to this. i'll return to it and clean it up if i'm not too nauseous.

5. may

i have had some interesting acquaintances and friends. a great many of them i think of often. sometimes just the slightest remembrance causes an involuntary laugh. and since i'm usually not very involved in what's surrounding me i'm certain that occasions a ? above people's heads. (like the lightbulb.)

john r. was an absolute kook. i knew him when i lived in Heidelberg, Germany. at one point he was as i recall the Head Dog of Schools for children of US military and civilian personnel in Europe.

he was extremely interesting and intelligent. his appearance alone was a head-turner. he had this rugged, tall, lean, Marlboro Man look about him and a head full of perfectly and absolutely white hair like an Old Testament Prophet.

well, somehow it came out that john had had something to do with LSD and had been terminated from his position. i was never clear on the particulars on this since the stories i got, even from him, (especially from him!) were intricately kaleidoscopic.

so for a very long time he was wrapped up in litigation over this. not so much from what i gathered from him as to recover his lost position rather than something for him to obsess over and be consumed by.

john rode a moped and he transformed it into Performance Art.

he was helmeted in an age that in and of itself drew stares. he also had this whip antenna thing with a huge Caution Flag attached at the top. additionally he held a whistle in his mouth that he'd blow at full strength as he drove. (kinda like those annoying screeching things that commercial vehicles use nowadays to warn of a backing up.)

john also had a very greasy girl friend. i didn't want to know too much about that situation since just the sight of her was repulsive to me. she was an advanced hippy i would say. there were a lot of peculiar things swirling about her all the time as well, and i just didn't want to know.

john knew Systems. and he worked them meticulously. for those of you who don't know-- it is really difficult for a landlord in Germany (at least it was) to evict a tenant. john knew all the tricks and he, ahem, plied them well.

he'd pay the deposit and the first month's rent and that was it. then it would take YEARS for the landlord to get him out of the place where he was then living rent free. if you calculate out the deposit and the first month's rent it was actually a pittance.

i remember he was especially religious. (that's how i knew him-- from church.)

during Lent one year there was an adult education/reflection program that took place. one evening one of my favorite priests was scheduled for a presentation. he showed up and told me that he was under the weather w a bit of the flu and feeling somewhat feverish but he'd try to get through things and if he couldn't he'd give me a sign and i was to step up and provide some concluding remarks and wish everyone a pleasant evening.

as things began i saw john there. helmet on lap, parked on a sofa at the very rear of the hall.

father began the presentation and john promptly went to sleep, head pointed upward, chin down, mouth wide open.

after about a half hour or so john suddenly jumped up interrupting, flailing an arm, 'father! father! father!'

father r. stops and says 'john…?'

john says 'father, did you know that if you lay all the economists of the world head to toe around the equator they wouldn't reach a conclusion?'

he sits back down and resumes the head up position.

father r. looks over to me and whispers 'am i hallucinating?'


'good. i thought i was.'


at one point i see john on his moped with a paper bag. he sees me, stops the bike and says 'come over here. look in here!'

in the crumpled brown paper bag was cash. LOTS of cash.

john says-- 'i won my lawsuit! they had to pay up. i've got $75k in cash!'

i was stunned and amazed. notwithstanding the fact that $75k was almost like All The Money In The World to me, here was this Near Lunatic with it in a crumpled paper bag riding around Heidelberg on his moped blowing his whistle as hard as his lungs could stand.

to start with that $75k is worth $295,800 in 2013.

what would YOU do with $300k?

well, john bought Greasy Girlfriend a new car that one of her kids did a crash 'em up w and was taken by the polizei.

he got a new moped w a bigger flag.

oh, the rest he put toward publishing some book from some unknown person espousing sainthood for some obscure italian titled 'The Virgin of San Damiano' which he then took everywhere giving copies away, gratis. (that means 'free.')

after that, within a few months' john had whittled the sum down to Zero.

i still have my copy of the book somewhere and when i run across it i have to smile. john. you were so freaking weird we had to be fascinated by you.

4. may

another month! we're just ripping pages off the calendar, aren't we?

rcvd a purchase query from a 'timothy ramirez'.

i was half and half on responding but decided i'd leave my preconceptions at the door and just blandly respond.

so i got back a response to my response from a 'timothy ramirez' from 'berlin'. ok. that's possible, i guess.

and then it got into this thing where he wanted specific works and i'd send some money to him and his 'agent' who was also picking up some 'furniture' in the us would refund that money and then pay me the purchase price... blah blah blah.

where DO these people come from?

15. apr

well, we're at mid-month.

i've been trying to get the hitler painting finished but have been spectacularly unmotivated as of late.

i have a list of things to begin and i have been working on some of the preliminary sketches but still there is a great deal to do before pencil even hits panel.

i have a stack of panels prepped and ready to go. i just need to shake this lethargy.

i also need to get the safe installed that's been sitting in my garage for three years. heh heh!

the Life Changing event of a new bed has worked out surprisingly well for me. the thing didn't have a headboard but that was corrected today. an unfinished wooden headboard was purchased and it's been decided that it shall be stained.

i'd much prefer dragging the sucker in here and applying some interesting images on it but that was sort of over-ruled.

perhaps i'll go back and get another and see what i come up with.

the lady at the shop has a sister who paints on furniture and has some lovely stuff. most of it is beach-themed and since i don't do ducks and lighthouses it wasn't exactly stuff i was crazy about but it was very nicely done.

i've done a few furniture projects in past and some birdhouses. seeing her work and the unfinished furniture at that shop certainly has had my mind racing for the most of the afternoon and evening.

i've been contemplating doing another floor screen. i think i'll see about making that come about. this time, though i am thinking i'll mostly assemble the thing and then paint it which is pretty much the exact reverse of how i went about things on the previous one. (you can see it here.)

13. apr

i've been asked to Not Do a painting i have in my head. i described it in detail and was told it wasn't a 'good idea' to do if i wanted to continue selling my work and it got out that i painted this.


5. apr

i don't understand why they gave march and january 31 days and april only 30. what's up w that?

april, while still being far from my favorite of months is much better than the two nasty ones i mentioned above.

i dropped off a couple new paintings to the photographer to get good shots of today. when i have them back i'll be doing up some new tees and prints.

i was a bit stern w someone i'm close to recently.

they'd missed a calendrically significant date and i was a bit horked but toned things down in my own fashion.

instead of the appropriate abject contrition i got a smart-ass response which about made the top of my head come off.

up to that point i'd been objective and then subjective set in.

as a result i've been debating w self about whether or not to extend my Shun List by one. it's a pretty significant step since once i put someone on that list there is virtually no way to leave it. that's just the way i am.

i have a bunch of new stuff in the plotting stage. some interesting things.

i'm still nerve-wracked over what the frame shop owner said to me, though. jeez. can't we just conduct business in silence? what is it w the need to gum flap??

i have a cat that's getting older and bonier. that worries me.

i have a dog they've decided is beginning to have heart problems. that sucks.

a new bed arrives here tomorrow. i'm wondering how i'll deal w that Life Changing Event.

the gardner wants $100 for a clean-up of the lawn from last fall when he usually charges $100 for an entire month of work. should i spin off into existential ennui over that??

i took a look at a lot of the people i followed on twitter and i realized i was just being polite. the majority of them were 'marketing specialists' and the like. i don't need that. what it basically means is 'can i put my hand in yr pocket?' go away.

oh. and i hate the people who quote people. quote mark twain and you are instantly outta here.

have an original thought or at least pretend it is. is that so much to ask?

i'm really bitchy tonight, aren't i? heh heh! sorry!

if touching didn't freak me out completely i'd offer all of you hugs as apology.

but i can't. unless of course it's one of those touchless hugs. i can do that.

2. apr

getting closer to summer! hate it!

finished a couple of paintings in the past couple of days. i've a list of things to get to. mostly that's driven by which ones pester me the most as i'm trying to nap.

i have a couple i need to get to the photographer this week and once they're finished there they're off to the framer.

these should make some nice prints and tees.

keep looking!

28. mar

eh. it's another spring. things get warmer. which i don't care much for. i hate having to refrigerate the living space to make it tolerable.

and i do not like the increased light. i never have. it hurts my eyes and causes migraines which i have been subject to since i was a sprout.

as a kid i used to work summers cutting grass among other things. i'd get these blinding headaches and i'd go home and find the heaviest, darkest shirt i had and soak it in water and wrap it around my head and face and leave just a small slit so i could see where i was walking to keep cutting the grass.

i'd complain about it but was told 'it's just a headache.' like i've said before i was a hillbilly in a long line of them.

so-- i still have the migraines and i like the light even less now than then.

i avoid speaking/writing of religion but i'm going to bend that a wee bit here since there is a new Pope.

he seems to be a very good choice and i'm pleased in some personal extent that he's SJ.

as a young army enlisted guy i used to serve Mass sunday evenings for a priest i really admired and liked. he'd been a paratrooper during D-Day and later entered the priesthood and had been a missionary in the wilds of Brazil. he was a Redemptorist and had a Vow of Poverty.

which was quite cool since as he interpreted it meant that he spent everything that came into his hands. which included dinner at the nicest places, i assure you i could never have gone NEAR any of them on my own at that stage in my life. plus he'd buy all sorts of stuff and then just give it away… and i'd get a lot of it.

there were a couple periodicals i used to write for in those days and he was always available for advice and as an invaluable resource.

he was also a great help for me in getting into a Jesuit university. it was pretty neat to me to have him write a letter of recommendation to the president of the university and it started out 'Dear Father… '

the Jesuits that mostly made up the staff were really… um, i don't want to categorize too much, but let's call them 'lacking in practical experience.'

i enjoyed the arguing and what. i especially enjoyed the theology and philosophy courses that were required every semester. i liked the tenet 'question authority.' i would do it all again.

so… i'm happy w the selection of Franz I although personally i'd have preferred a reactionary Italian who took the name Pius. but that's just me.

(i don't think this is too much 'talking out of school…' but i used to move in interesting circles-- certainly at a Very Low Level.

one night i was assisting at a dinner at which there were several Cardinals in attendance. one of them told a priest (who was probably about 60 yo) that he wanted his dinner plate 'warmed'. the priest said 'what the fuck you want me to do, hold it in my armpit first??')

my point-- mere humans in service to a larger purpose. as should we all be-- we can't submerge our humanity but we can strive for something beyond self.

(although, i STILL think that was funny as anything!)

people carry you about in their thoughts and memory more than you can calculate.

ah… some other stuff…

finished my Katzentanzen. i think it looks pretty good. i have three more nearly finished and a whole list of things to get at. i'll probably base my newest 'workers' upon which ones annoy me most when i'm trying to catch an afternoon nap. the silly things just pop into mind and keep me from drowsily wandering off.

there's an outdoor kinda event approaching that i want to have some things available for. last year i had an in-progress of my first Hector and Achilles piece. at this point i have 20 finished to put out for display and w luck i might get near 25 by the time that rolls around.

i can do giclees for anything that's currently finished. they look REALLY good! my printer is outstanding and the photographer does an outstanding job for the source image. you won't be disappointed w any of these pieces.

yeah yeah yeah… crass self-promotion.

15. mar

i like history. i like old stuff. i like jumbling it all together in my head.

dwelling on things is a favorite pursuit. especially things as things.

i remember seeing a bunch of stuff at my grandparent's farm that were no longer used but obviously had been at some particular point. at some moment they were new and 'current'. i'd get light headed running this through my mush-like brain.

a great deal of it still worked and was somewhat useful. there was this large box with a wheel crank. at the top was a hopper and on the side was this spout. it took considerable effort to get the sucker running but once you had it up to speed you could dump in a whole bunch of ears of corn and they'd feed through one by one and the machine would rip the corn from the cob and it'd come streaming out the spout. cool.

there was also a great amount of horse harnesses and equipment for them that probably hadn't been used in twenty years. for me twenty years might have well have been twenty centuries. it all made my head spin.

i'd question the grandfather about it but about the most i ever got from him about it was that once upon a, he had a blue horse. i actually thought the horse was blue blue. kinda like Hector and Achilles.

he was pretty much an oaf. i don't miss him much. no. i don't miss him at all. i guess that's bad in some way but there it is. i miss my other grandfather twice as much though.

so it makes up for things in my mind.

10. mar

'things would be better if there weren't all these people… and everything was different.' -calvin

not john. just calvin.

oh. couple weeks ago i took another piece into the frame shop and the shop owner said 'you're really on a roll.'

oh. thanks. way to deflate me.

silly little things stick sharp edges into me and it's taken a couple weeks to get my head out of that and back to work.

that's why i try to restrict the circle of people i deal w to a bare minimum. the ones i don't mind talking to me know me well enough to stay within well-worn grooves so as not to knock me asunder, askance or whatever you'd call going into hysterical panic.

i KNEW when those words came out of his mouth i was in for a dark time of it.

i had been working on a few pieces and have a complete list of things to do but every time i'd pick up a pencil or a brush i'd hear 'you're really on a roll.' and i'd wither and draw all up inside myself as if i were something dry, empty and husk-like hanging in a spider's web.

other thoughts…

this is the time of year i shake my fist and say 'get yer filthy hands off my clock.'

the other day i wanted to add a bottle of something nice to the single malt collection. i am always annoyed at this one particular place that keeps the nice things under lock and key. so i really try to not patronize them but this time i'd about exhausted all the things in the other shops and wanted to get something from under lock and key.

so the clerk asks if i'd like her to open the cabinet. 'no. i've just been standing here tapping my foot for fifteen minutes since i have no other place to go' i think to my self.

'yes. please.'

so she asks what i'd like and then she takes it out. carefully re-locks the cabinet and says 'i'll carry this to the register.'

right away it occurs to me 'you think i'm going to try to steal it, don't you?'

i realize i don't fit normal parameters of appearance but really i think more people will be stealing the boone's farm rather than single malt scotch.

ok. ok. mouth shut. do it her way. jeez.

coming along nicely w the hitler one and the big car one. painted some chickens today and got the background straight in my mind for the Big Car and sketched and blacked it in today.

have an easter-themed one in mind i need to get some scratches done on. so far it looks nice in my head.

oh. i've added some sound in a couple places on the site. i intend that they are user initiated. i hate going to a site and music automatically plays. so, i've tried to make it so you have to make it play. if i've goofed that up i'd appreciate hearing from you and i'll attempt to fix it.

27. feb

at one point some time a couple or years or so before i got my driver's license when i was working in the family business we had a job at a mansion to do some renovations.

this was particularly interesting to me and it'd make me somewhat giddy to go there.

it was built sometime around the 1870s-80s by a railroad baron. he was obviously obscenely wealthy since it was originally a summer 'cottage' overlooking the susquehanna river.

'cottage'. yeah, right. it must have sat on about 1,000 acres of land, high on a cliff overlooking the river below. the place was Huge. there must have been over a hundred rooms in the place. i think my high school (the building) would have fit inside the dining room.

we had various projects to do there. basically some modernizing and what.

the place had been bought by the Girl Scouts and was to be used as some sort of area camp and headquarters for them.

we had some plumbing work to replace/update and other things like that.

i remember being in the basement of the place and we had to shore up one of the outer walls and pull out foundation stones. my grandfather appeared after my cousin and i had been mucking about digging out these huge stones for about half a day and he said 'keep an eye out for copperheads.'

well. that's a fine time to tell me about that!

later on in the project we were doing some work on a top floor bath. my uncle, ever the cheapskate was doing something on the woodwork around the window and the chisel he was using fell out of his hand and rolled down the roof into the gutter about seven steep feet below.

it was a cheesy worn-out wooden-handled chisel with about half the wood broken off and missing. probably in today's dollars you'd get about 2¢ for it at a high end auction.

my cousin, his son, was also working in the room at the time and my uncle wanted to jam him out the window and hold his feet to retrieve the chisel. he was always rather nonchalant with his dad, having little or no fear of him, and came back with a 'no way!'

i on the other hand had a healthy respect for being randomly cuffed about. the prospect of being dropped about 75 feet onto my head was certainly the lesser of the two outcomes and i readily agreed when enlisted. so out i slid with my ankles being clutched about the time my feet were nearly out of reach.

it seemed like about a mile i had to reach to strain to grab that stupid chisel from the gutter that had caught it. and of course in the rear of my mind i was thinking that perhaps this is the time he'll just toss me off to be done with me.

i had very little confidence in adults. it seemed that if they weren't trying to maim you they'd be just as happy, or happier, if you splashed in a pool of mushed up bone and goo.

well, i retrieved the stupid chisel unharmed.

sometime thereafter i told the old man. he seemed a bit irritated but i chalked that up more to his feelings of frustration and resentment with and of my uncle rather than to any genuine concern for me.

18. feb

i had to make a road trip to a client about a week and half ago. sure enough within a day and a half i had the plague.

finally getting over that bit.

past few days i've been devoting to administrative chores. tidying things up and working on the all too important promotional aspect of things. taking the mousetrap out and snapping a few tails so to speak.

i think the rest of this week looks clear enough to get some pencils and brushes working around here.

7. feb

on this date in 1964 i ate Baked Alaska for the one and only time. thanks, Sandy. that was remarkable! my youngest brother was born and the existing siblings were shunted off to various locations during the event.

it was neat in my mind to have us broken up since i'd long thought we had about enough 'round the place.

as a matter of fact i distinctly remember the day our mother unit gathered us together in her bedroom to tell us she was pregnant w #5.

the first thought in my mind was 'good heavens! haven't you any idea about birth control??'

i still scratch my head about that. i had hoped we were 'complete' after two. god knows Three put me decidedly off kids for life.

ah, after Baked Alaska i was next moved to stay w family friends in Conowingo. (doesn't that just sound lovely?) i stayed there w a family who i thought were quite exotic. they drank coca-cola!

i had an uncle who drank coca-cola and i remember he brought the stuff home by the case. they were these really cool wooden cases with slots for each bottle. i remember during the snowy winter of 1958 and he'd have bottles of the stuff stuck in snowbanks around his garage. i can still see it.

that was way too cool!

it seemed that any time there was bad weather (and there seemed to be a lot of it during the 50s and early 60s) we trundled off to 'The Farm' to hunker down w my grandparents who could exist as if electricity wasn't required.

at any rate--- whilst staying at Dan & Jane's in Conowingo. i recall Jane come busting into the bedroom (WITH A TV!) and she was hopping up and down and screaming to switch the channel to Ed Sullivan. 'The BEATLES are on! The BEATLES are on!'

oh, yeah? i'd no idea. and i didn't care much actually.

Jane died early. very early as i now know. of course we weren't given useful information.

enough blather.

composing some new pieces. drawing lots of chickens; vacuums; italian fascist uniforms; hitler variations; fire trucks; flemish streets and things i don't wish to disclose yet.

Sandy was also a 'piano teacher'. (my, did i find that torture!) but among the various teachers i was subjected to i think a song i finally mastered was one she taught me. Long, Long Ago. it's prob the only song i could remotely play today. i HATED the piano--- probably about as much as i still hate it today.

and my opinion of children hasn't altered much either. if it were up to me we'd be extinct as a species in about a generation.

if it were only so!

5. feb

the month is beginning w some regularity in the snowfall. of course it's never enough for me but i'm grateful at what has fallen thus far. thanks Snow God!

david bowie recently released a single for his birthday from his upcoming album to be released in march i think.

it's pretty good. but i'm partial to him.

i mentioned it to someone and played it for her. she said she was 'mad at him.'

'what are angry w bowie about?'

'he's been quiet for so long.'

'bowie owes you nothing.'

at any rate the single w video is a bit of a melancholy nostalgic thing from the time he spent in berlin.

i remember berlin from this time, as well. it was peculiar seeing the sights again and revisiting that time frame. rather sad, actually but that goes w the territory at this point.

have been sketching a lot of little bits and pieces for some new Hector and Achilles paintings. spending a lot of time on them. i like to include significant details that are properly thought out and executed. i hope to get to laying out some work on some panels soon.

this week has more than its share of interruptions however. so. we shall see what i can do.

23. jan

we're finally getting some seasonal weather 'round here. supposedly there's a chance for some snow now through friday. excellent!

beefed up the feral cat shelters. they're keeping close. their water is freezing so i periodically give them some fresh stuff in it's non-solid form.

starting a couple new paintings. i've been plotting them for quite some time and have things ready to begin sketches and then do the layout. the image at the left is the first working sketch. i'll leave it unexplained until i get the thing on panel.

i'm pretty charged up over this one. this is one of those lovely times when being hearing impaired presented me w the vision.

ordinary phrases and words don't quite make their way intact to my brain sometimes. (for the longest time i was hearing in a radio advert 'scary solutions from scary people' when i later found out it was CARING, not scary!)

i was so pleased w the imagery that i actually had the 'scary' one on my biz card.

i've always known people in the 'scary' category. not necessarily to be afraid of, but sometimes that too.

there was this female in my high school who looked something between marilyn monroe and debbie harry. but hotter. for some reason her name popped into my head the other day while i had a brush in my fingers. odd how things like that happen.

she was a few years older than i was and one of the authentic Flower People. she had this trademark behaviour of wearing knee high boots and a thigh length fur jacket. and that was all! obviously she was exotically popular!

i can remember one interaction i had w her. she came up to me in something of a stunned (or stoned!) attitude and was cooing about my hair. (it's always been unusual.)

she asked 'can i touch it??'


'oooh! it is sooo soft!'

so just for grins i checked her out on my google machine not expecting anything remotely possible of her to appear.

but i was mistaken there! there she was, bigger 'n stuttgart. same name. living in the same town.

there was a link to her on facebook. (miserable thing.) so i looked and she'd written something about having traveled all over, blah blah. there was also a link to her resume in another place which i looked at as well. her work history from high school was all w/in a half-hour of where she grew up, and what. so much for the globe-trotting i thought. perhaps she had a lot of vacation time. yeah. that's probably it.

and now she's a school cafeteria worker. from the looks of things the career path from high school rock star status was a steady decline to the serving line for snotty, germ-infested, sticky by nature kids.

i don't know how i feel about this.

not children. i know how i feel about them-- the drift to oblivion thing.

16. jan
the dumber they come...

i finally killed verizon as i've previously mentioned and switched everything to comcast. verizon internet reliability was about 10%. there is a postscript to that.

after the new cable modem was installed instantly upon coming in here (den-studio) The Cat Stanley begins yodelling. apparently the new modem is making some kind of sound he hates. it's on par w a screaming baby to me when he starts that howling. and screaming babies, among other things similarly involving, made me immune at an early age of EVER wanting children.

however… this cat is crazy about saxophone music. it's the damndest thing. when he hears saxophone music he starts purring and rocking and drooling and going off to some cat contentment place that all cat people recognize.

so whenever i put him in here i put on a looping playlist of 1920s jazz w lots of songs w saxophone. that seems to be helping him out. and keeping me calmer. he especially enjoys the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack.

the new Bryan Ferry Orchestra album also seems to be particuarly pleasing.

(interestingly enough… i have a sketch in progress of Hector and Achilles playing cellos w melora creager. guess i'll expand that out w another of a sax jazzband. and then w all the anti-gun craziness i have one in mind of a kind of bonnie and clyde thing w thompson sub-machine guns and a Big Car with running boards… the images and ideas cascade beyond control.)

12. jan
i had the internet through the telcom. our phones have always been terrible. tin cans w strings would prbly have been as good.

last year they went out completely. i didn't care since i generally detest telephones anyway. after a couple weeks wifey discovered they were out. (kinda reminds of the time when the old man discovered i had been driving w/o brakes.)

so. i was compelled to call in a work order to get the things repaired.

a day or so prior to the work appt i got a call from a tech who said he was at one of the 'junction' boxes in the neighborhood and discovered it was full of mice who'd been chewing the wires. he saw i was on his to-do list and wondered if he'd restored svc and if he could scratch me off.

the internet here has basically been 'down' since the beginning of the month and i reached the tipping pt.

have spent hours on hold w verizon. (i just LOVE their helpful muzak with the msg that says 'if y're experiencing problems w yr internet go to www.verizon….'

HEY. if i could i wouldn't be listening to this music that's scientifically designed to drive me insane after 13 seconds.)

so, i finally made a move and wind up saving over $100 a month. plus/plus.

work has been going pretty nicely. moving along with three pieces and have a stack of others to begin.

ended up 2012 w 42,663 pieces of spam/junk email. that's 116.6 per day.

seems like this year's Hot Subject Line is Look Good Naked. yeah. right. that is soo far in my rear view mirror of things i'm concerned w...

1. jan
i loathe january. someone tell me something, ANYTHING good about it!

the only thing i'll acknowledge as a positive for it is the possibility of snow fall.

the days are beginning to grow noticeably lighter. and you know i'd prefer things dark all the time. i just can't abide that great glowing gasbag.

both of my paternal grandparents were born in january-- on the same day, interestingly enough. loved that grandmother-- she was a lovely person. now the grandfather on the other hand was a brutish and brutal asshole. fortunately i was usually quicker than he was and could avoid his grasp most times.

i've only come across three other people who've shared my birthday. guess that means that the month of my conception is a generally non-sex filled month.

Christmas was pretty nice around here. very little stress, if any.

have gotten further along on the newest piece i'm currently inolved w. have a stack of ideas written down and some that are in the composition process. have also a couple to complete from this year just passed.

i'll get to things.

have a good year, people!


30. dec
at the end of another year.

have been rather busy as of late.

there are a lot of things i need to update around here. perhaps i'll be able to get to things soon..

12. dec
ah... Ch
ristmas. it's dark... it's cold... it could snow and we bring trees indoors.

i've always enjoyed the religious bit of it, too.

as a kid i throroughly enjoyed the lead-up and practising in the church at nights. there has always been some kind of deep-seated comfort in me with being in church at night. things just seem more personal, quieter, holier.

otherwise, the grind grinds on.

i've got two pieces with a Big Push on currently-- 'fresh vs frozen' and 'cleanup on planet three'.

i really get a kick out of moralizing in scenery and situations notwithstanding the fact that most if not all, of my moralizing is misunderstood. that's ok. see whatever pleases you. i'm ok w that since most of my visions are highly personal anyway and if you find something pleasing in what i do-- i'm absolutely thrilled.

with 'cleanup' i kinda screwed up. usually i have the complete scene ready to go before i touch brush. this time after i'd drawn the cat i was overly excited to see how it'd look colored in and i couldn't stop myself from going on and on and then i realized i'd jeopardized the Total. but i think i've recovered sufficiently and have things back on an acceptable track.

'fresh' i followed my more comfortable path and kept things well in hand from the start. i've spent equal and distributed time (over-compensating for my previous near screw-up). today i did a bunch of work on the background and a bit on the foreground. at this point w this piece i'm where i call 'bringing things into focus.'

in my reckless yoof i'd have stopped at this point since i can 'see' the final item and saved it for finishing in my dotage. thanks to wifey for inspiring a bit of understanding about the Point of Abandonment.

30. nov
it's a friday (not that that means much to me) and tomorrow is december. i go back and forth between november and december being my favorite month of the year. not certain how 2012 will shake out yet on that score.

have had domestic responsibilities that have taken up time this week... but i've gotten some time in on some new pieces and plotting some new things.

28. nov
Thanksgiving Day in the US was about a week ago.

ordinarily i do the typical thing-- lots of cooking and what. this year i thought we'd do things a little different.

i got an email from Ruth's Chris Steakhouse that said they'd be doing the dinner and i thought that it'd be interesting to do something different. so that's what we did and while for me it is a bit stressful to go out it was a pleasant time and overall Less Stressful.

the food wasn't as good as what i do at home, but adequate. way too much sage on the turkey; carrots in the dressing was just gross and things were a bit cooler than i like them on the plate. but not terrible. not terrible is ok. especially when arriving home to a clean kitchen!

at my dragon's place of work the subject came up with one of her co-workers that i am an artist. co-worker was quite surprised at that and said she had figgered her to be married to a lawyer or a banker or some such type.

i can understand that as i am always shocked to learn that people i know have children.

i had a pretty good idea for a new Hector painting. it started out quite nicely and i quickly got it to a good place and then i realized i'd painted myself into a corner.

nearly all pieces i have thought out in pretty good detail before i begin. on this one i had a general, vague idea of the whole. but i got excited about a particular and went past the point where i usually work on accompanying elements. so now i'm undecided about the whole and am procrastinating. i don't want to mess up the 'good bit' with a weak background.

so, we shall see what transpires.

on the other hand i've gotten a nice jump on a 'holiday themed' piece. i find this one quite amusing and i get to display my predilection toward times and objects in the misty, receding past. as well as an outlet for my heightened proclivity for statement and galgenhumor.

facebook. i ponder this thing and am compelled to just scratch my top incredulously.

the things people put on there for public consumption!

i do, alas, have a marginal, anonymous nearly to the point of invisible presence there. one reason i am on that thing is to maintain some contact w some people who are no longer close geographically yet remain close.

sometimes i look up a relative of a succeeding generation. checking out her current condition is instructive, sad and revolting.

however i should not be surprised in the slightest. she is after all spawn of my youngest sibling who was chronically over-indulged and spectacularly complacent. in turn the spawn thereof has been both over-indulged and self-indulgent. not a good foundation.

so she finds herself at a young age a veteran of substance abuse, an unemployed unwed mother living w her parents and being financed by various combinations of enabling family members and who knows.

she complains about the difficulty scrounging money for smokes yet somehow has the ability to be able to go to spas for pedicures and manicures… take 'retail therapy', get new tattoos and more bits of metal stuck in holes in her hide.

oh… not to mention a new tablet computer this past week-end.

all the while bitterly complaining about how much she 'earned and deserves' it.

i'm not singling out this young female (she certainly isn't a 'woman' by my definition.).

i mention this sordid thumbnail as a cautionary tale and as my disgusted protest against what more commonly than not our society and culture has allowed itself to sink to.

there is probably an approaching majority of people out there exactly like her who've done nothing and have no plans to do anything who somehow have 'earned and deserve' all that they desire.

that reminds me of a delightful bit i saw in some presentation once…

charley pensively says to his friend 'i know what i want and i know what i need.'

'what do you want, charley?'

'a peaceful soul.'

'what do you need, charley?'

'a bigger gun.'

20. nov
i was given a pretty good rule years ago. never discuss Politics-Religion-Women in public.

so it always bemuses me when large name celebrities take positions that potentially alienate 50% of the population.

so i try to keep that in mind. however, i tend to prefer to discuss things from decades past. i guess there's reduced chance of alienating people that way at least.

have begun sketching a new piece that's thanksgiving-related. got a decent start on it yesterday. i'll see if i can get the characters complete today and begin on the background. generally when i get to this point it doesn't take long before i'm blacking the thing out on a panel. that always improves my mood.

16. nov
something of an in-between week for me this one just finished.

feeling, over-all, spectacularly un-motivated i've been catching up on pondering, speculating and plotting.

there have been some things on my list i've gotten a bit of a start on and others that i've moved beyond that part and others i've just backed up from. think i have something to drive forward with tomorrow and allow the other things to ferment a bit.

in the meantime...

twice a year i grouse and grumble and shake my fist in the direction of washington and say 'keep yr hands off my clock!' so reading the New York Tribune for 19 June 1919 i came across this article...

Daylight Law Dead for Good After Oct. 26

Decision That Clocks Will Be Turned Back to Stay Reached in Both Houses by Overwhelming Votes

Calder Opposes Repeal

Two Attempts Make the Action Take Effect This Year Are Voted Down

New York Tribune Washington Bureau


Both Houses of Congress voted to-day to end daylight saving after this summer. By overwhelming majorities the two Houses decided that when the clocks are turned back to meridian time on October 26 they shall stay on sun time. The vote in the Senate on this was 56 to 6 and in the House it was 233 to 122.

The Senate first suspended its rules and then added the repealer to the agricultural appropriation bill as a rider, later passing the ball [sic]. The House passed the repealer as a separate bill. It is expected the House will accept the conference agreement on the agricultural appropriation bill, and the repeal will be obtained in that fashion.

Senator Williams created some amusement in the Senate by declaring that he 'emphatically favored sun time instead of Senator-from-New-York time,' referring to Senator Calder, who has from the first been the consistent champion of daylight saving.

Thinks Divine Function Usurped

'I am rather tired,' said Mr. Williams,' of Congress attempting not only to legislate on every possible Federal and state question, but attempting to usurp the functions of God Almighty in fixing the time for the sun to rise and set.'

After the vote Senator La Follette, on whose motion the rule was suspended and the repealer passed, declared that personally he thought the repeal should take effect immediately. He added that he had consented to delay the going into effect of the repeal until October 26 only because he found he could not obtain sufficient votes to suspend the rules if he proposed immediate repeal.

'It is a great injutsice [sic] to the people of the country to compel them to submit themselves to this distortion of time until next October,' he declared.

The six Senators who voted against repealing the law were Calder, Frelinghuysen, Newberry, Page, Phipps and Robinson.

In the house representatives of industrial centres voted solidly against the repeal, but they were outnumbered by the representatives of rural districts.

Earlier Repeal Defeated

Two attempts to cut short the present daylight saving period were defeated. The amendment of the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee to the original bill, which provides that the clocks shall be turned back on the last Sunday in October was sustained by a vote of 133 to 55.

An amendment by Representative Bland, of Indinia, [sic] that would have made the repealer effective immediately upon its approval by the President was defeated by a vote of 203 to 19. An attempt by Representative Wheeler, of Illinois, to terminate daylight saving ten days after approval of the repeal resolution was voted down without a roll call.

Representative Esch, of Wisconsin, author of the repealer was supported by 300 farm papers, every American farmers' organization, by the legislatures of Arizona, South Dakota, Illinois and Wisconsin and by the American Federation of Labor.

[wish this would happen again NOW!]


10. nov
lots of distractions as of late. the weather event [Hurricane Sandy] was a pretty good one.

this year i'm not cooking for thanksgiving! that'll be the first time in years that i've not cooked.

i've gotten five more panels cut. need to get them gesso'd and sanded down. i keep hinting. well, it's more like cajoling. in the final analysis i guess it'll be me that gets it done.

getting a start on one of the Poison Paintings that i've got in mind.

this is my favorite time of year... the light part of the day is getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. lovely!

i don't usually quote woodrow wilson since i think he was an awful president but i found something recently he said that is pertinent...

"my view of the state is that it must stop and listen to what i have to say, no matter how humble i am, and that each man has the right to have his voice heard and his council heeded, in so far as it is worthy of him.

"i have always been among those who believe that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, becuase if a man is a fool the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. it cannot be so easily discovered if you allow him to remain silent and look wise, but if you let him speak, the secret is out, and the world knows that he is a fool."

woodrow wilson, may 1919

27. okt
well... getting ready for Frankenstorm today.

stopped at the local Lowe's to get some line to lash things down and in the rear of the store there was a queue w probably over 70 people. all with trolleys. i'm told they were most likely waiting to get generators since the hype around here is that power will be going 'out for months.'

silly fools.

after the last End of the World hurricane (during which the power didn't even flicker) i was asked to photo storm damage around the house. i went out and looked and looked and finally found a single leaf in the drive. that was it.

i'm all for being 'prepared' but panic is a different word completely.

26. okt

pretty busy-ish day.

got back first product photo from the photographer.

picked up another batch of prints.

dropped things off at the frame shop.

too tired to think of going out and battening things down for the End of the World Storm they're hyping. too bad the fast food places didn't have time to package up some bits of plastic in commemoration (promotion) for the kiddies.

one of the advantages i have in working on panel is that sometimes when i begin laying things out i don't like the space. so i just reärrange things and then crop it later with the old table saw.

oh. speaking of the storm. i heard today that Delaware's never taken a hurricane straight on. (that they know of, of course.) stupid, lazy indians never wrote anything down.

i'd like to have a 1940 Ford Coupe. i saw in the news that someone's gotten a license to begin reproducing the body.

i'd also like to have all my bones replaced with high impact plastic ones. and then i could save the originals, assemble them and stand the thing in the corner. and i wouldn't dust it.

25 okt.
i had a bit of surgery friday last and this week has been less than lovely. i've been walking around in a kind of fever fog.

and i very rarely take pain meds so i've just been wandering around the house to see if i feel better in one room rather than another.

i have a favorite chair in which i can usually get a nap. but usually just about the time i notice i'm getting fuzzy and thoughts are thickening into a blurry stream of nonsense suddenly a cat will land on either my stomach or chest. up i jolt and that's pretty much the end of that small bit of comfort.

one of the feral cats has something going on health-wise as well. he's got a swelling on the side of his face.

this week the sight of brushes and pencils has literally disgusted me.

but today i am going to force myself to pick up a pencil and see what sort of drivel i come up with. getting tired of wandering around the house.

i've got a bunch of things in the working stage... but i guess the end of the world comes this week-end...

my 'idea' sketch for this piece
early sketch for Poison Machine