i have a 1948 studebaker M5 pickup for sale for. Click thumbs for more information.

HERE are some full shots showing the truck in larger images.


this is a project ready to pull together. i have been collecting parts and pieces for a number of years for this truck. most of the chrome has been re-plated and i have gathered together a crap-load of stuff to complete this project.

unfortunately the clock is running out on me and it is time i turn this over to someone with the enthusiasm i still have in my heart for Studebaker.

i have two or three sets of rims (shows want bias ply tires!-- another for radials for driving about).

two transmissions- one three speed and one four- drive shafts for both.

you will rarely find a bed in such good shape- no wood needed.

there is rust at a few points but i have gotten pieces to alleviate this.

i am including some of my original StudebakerLink.com pages in this from the days when i was more active in restoring Studebakers.

FOR SALE! 1948 M5
Studebaker Pickup
click thumbs for full image
NOS starter and fuel pump
NOS water pump
additional running board to cut and splice into bad sections of running boards on the truck
radiator and frame
rebuilt generator
cab floor... i have new panels for both sides
cab corner. i have two new ones
truck bed is intact- no holes!