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Hector and Achilles
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'A democracy of lines.'

I don't do ducks or lighthouses... well, maybe the occasional insane duck.

I also do requests! If there's something you're interested in-- by all means let me know!

We are in the process of making prints of specific works. Please contact us if there is a particular item you are interested in or if you would like to be on our contact list. We will be making a very limited run of prints so this is your opportunity!


After many years of keeping Tintin as a dormant, yet remarkable memory, I was fortunate enough to move to Belgium.

So, while living in Belgium I discovered this wonderful place in Brussel, The Tintin Boutique, and all the memories were re-activated. Since then I've spent a considerable amount of effort pursuing this particular interest.

So, I'd like to share some of that and proselytize a bit perhaps.

I have my studio in my home and it's become a bit of a gallery as well. Visitors are welcome! Please contact me if you'd like to take a look.

"We've seen a few paintings that are in the Tintin style, but none as detailed and nice as yours - we're thrilled to have stumbled across you! " E. Reynolds

"Your precision fascinates me." Ron N.

"You're not right." Joan D.

Worth Rattling Around in Your Head...

we didn't have malls when i was a kid. but i did get to sit on a cow once.
there's a lot of stuff in this existence of which i 'don't approve.'

but if it were up to me to approve everything i'd be really tired and the place would probably be too weird for habitation.

check out my etsyshop!


It looks as if I'm at the abandonment point of one series as I've been totally engaged w some new things. And along w that we'll be doing some other new things in the near future. stand by.

Random Remembrance

when i was young i wanted to learn the violin. they gave me a saxophone. in a commemorative reënactment i gave my dog a wristwatch.


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